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The Dark Side of Venus: Indiegogo Project

IT'S ABOUT A troubled stripper named Venus, whose quiet life is upended when Brian -  the love of her life - Breaks up with her… and now Venus, disturbed to begin with, starts a downward spiral into maddening psychosis. BUT… THERE'S A TWIST. And we don't want to give it away by outlining the entire plot of our film… Find Out More:
WE PROMISE A VERY SEXY, GROUNDED, CHARACTER-DRIVEN, TWISTED TALE!!! But at our story's core, and what will set this film apart from standard genre fare, is a deeply human story about the pain of heartbreak. A Love Tragedy. We promise escape.  THE DARK SIDE OF VENUS will not only be that escape, it’ll be a ride – always surprising, always thrilling, and always shockingly psychotic in the best of ways.

After the successes of his short films, Jon parlayed his talent into his first feature film JACK BROOKS:MONSTER SLAYER starring Robert Englund (the infamous Freddy Krueger from  A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET). The film gained considerable attention throughout the festival circuit and received rave reviews. The film screened at the 2008 Slamdance film festival and subsequently sold to Anchor Bay. His second feature, THE SHRINE, premiered at the 2010 FanTasia Int'l Film Festival and won the Audience Award for Best Canadian Feature. Shortly after, the film was purchased by IFC and is currently streaming on NETFLIX.

Some HBA Changes...

I went with a simple more sleek design... that blood had been dripping for over two years and I thought a change might be good. I took away some and added others, these are some small steps to bring in more faces. Looking for some contributors/artists/writers who might be interested, leave me a note here or drop me an email. So your thoughts, ideas are always welcome.... you also might notice the "DONATION" post is gone, it's place a link to find. Go find it, make a donation.

Thank you!
Jeremy [Retro]
Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!
HBA Curator


Where hell are you people, where the hell was I... well it's been one hell of a new year and I know you all have been waiting for the new members. Many of the newest members have had to wait for a few months to get listed, so I want you all to go on over and greet them.

We are going to be adding new stuff to this site "NEW LOOK, FEATURES, MEMBER APPRECIATIONS, NEW SHIRT DESIGN, GOING TO PUT LIFE BACK INTO THIS JOINT"!! Please keep an EYE out for the changes, you who are ACTIVE will have to pay attention, so pay ATTENTION!  For now I want you all to welcome the new HBA MEMBERS and say "HELLO"...and like always check here and the MEMBERS LIST to make everything is working links, names, etc.

Jeremy [Retro]
Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!
HBA Curator


A - A Slice of Horror

B - Brandon C. Sites: Critic of Modern Day Horror

B - Brutal Books

C - Carnography

C - Chainsaw & Cadaverina's Blog Of Terror

D - Darkness Beckons

E - Ed Walters

H - Horror After Dark

H - Horror Movie Reviews

I - I Killed the Devil (Web Series)

I -  Imp of the Appalling

K - Kakakilabot

L - Love Horror

The Gurch

M - The Morbid Imagination

N - Nordic Fantasy

O - Obsidian Clouds

R - Retro LadyLand

R - Ruined Head

S - Scarina's Scary Vault of Scariness

T - Terrorphoria
T. Phoria

T - Thee Satanophile
Thee Satanophile

W - Writer, haunted

Monster Girls and Their Kickstarter Madness!

A new show about girls who bite... Whaaaaaaa...? Excellent question! Monster Girls is a new show being produced by a Working Theater and it's set to be shot this March. We have the first few episodes written, an incredibly talented cast and crew excited to weave it all together, and a community of artists ready to support us. 

But we don't have the cash money to create the pilot episode for this story at the production standards it needs to be fully awesome-ized. So we need your help!  WAIT WHAAAA?!-  Well all I can say is, you all need to click here... no "HERE" to read all about it and find out more of these crazy "Monster Girls"!

So what are you waiting for?
Jeremy [Retro]
Oh, No... Let's Go CRAZY!
HBA Curator

Quick Update: I have fallen and I can't get up!

My wife has taken away all my electronics for awhile, I fell on ice last Saturday and broke my ankle where the short of it is I have 8 screws and a new holding plate. I am heavy medicated and loopy, typing this I hope it makes sense. Now this is not the world's worst injury, I have never broke anything. I want to thank all my friends and family for all the support. I looked in my email folder there is like 650 emails, I cannot even pull enough to start looking at them.

I have a regular doctor's appointment today for some other issues, then it's bed rest for two solid weeks and then back to the other doctor for more... I have an iPad once in a while so I am on Facebook. My wife is sleeping right now, so she doesn't know I am here. Shhhhhhhh!

I will be back, I am really not used to this type of pain... sorry I am a wuss! I will try to catch up soon, thank you for your friendship and "I will be back"... I am going to duplicate this on my sites, so if have read this before... you have!

-Jeremy [Retro]

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